Fashion Cafe, Cordova Gallery, Vienna, Austria 
Black door code 31A5 à gauche puis 2ème étage toutdroit à gauche, Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris, France (two-person w/ Jo-ey Tang)
Night Club, Night Club Gallery, Chicago, IL 
Feather Belly, Rear Window, Harlem, NY
A Yolk to Blue Ratio, Jan Kaps, Cologne, Germany (collaboration w/ David Flaugher and Austin White)


Carlos Reyes, White Flag Projects, Saint Louis, MO
Reverse Vampire Monologues,  Berlin, Germany (two-person w/ Sonja Englehardt)
Pindul's Reward, Arcadia Missa, London, England (in collaboration with Centro Studi Pier Paolo Pasolini)
Armory Show, TORRI, New York, NY 
Cinnamon + sidewalks, seeps < sleeps, Tomorrow, New York, NY


L'advance, L'advance, L'advance, 247365, Brooklyn, New York, (two-person w/ Eli Ping)
Day rate same as night rate, TORRI, Paris, France
Neversink, Material Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico


Awkward Chairs VS Future Kings Feet, Michael Jon Gallery, Miami, FL
A Salted Quarterly; Notes from the Why Axis, Tomorrow Gallery, Toronto, Canada (two-person w/ Ben Schumacher)


The Superfluidity of an Interior, Taon Art Space, Ivry-sur-seine, France



Eric Schmid is an Idiot, What Pipeline, Detroit, MI


Group Show, Rear Window, New York, NY
An Idle Visitation, Plaza Mercado, Santa Fe, NM
More than lovers, More than friends Futura Center for Contemporary Art,Prague, CZ 
X Bienal de Nicaragua, Queer Thoughts at Palacio Nacional de Cultura, Managua, NI


Smoothie Conference, Amy Granat & Annina Herzer at Jenifer Nails, Frankfurt,DE
The Humane Society , The Loon, Toronto, Canada
Doc, DOC Gallery, Paris, France
mutter der mann mit dem koks ist da, Kensington Church presented by William Gaucher, Montreal, Canada
"...Looking at myself...", American Medium, Brooklyn, NY
Under a Thawing Lake, Dark Arts International at Material Art Fair, Mexico DF
Tantrum,  De Geest, Brussels, Belgium
Painting the Sky Blue, Mallorca Landings, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
The Pain Quotidian, HQHQ Projects, Portland, OR 
NADA, Tomorrow, New York, NY
Musique Concrète, Michael Thibault, Los Angeles, CA
Me and Benjamin, Galerie Xippas, Paris, France
De generation of Painting, Fondazione 107, Turin, Italy
Dylan's lost it-maybe, Croy Nielsen, Berlin, Germany
Changing Table, Kate Werble, New York, NY
Passive Collect, Chin's Push, Los Angeles, CA
Coupling, Taylor Macklin Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
From whose ground heaven and hell compare, Croy Nielsen, Berlin, Germany. 
Santal 26 / 33, Grand Century, New York, New York. 
Bloomington: Mall of America, North side food court, across from Burger King& the bank of payphones that don't take incoming calls, Bortolami Gallery, New York, New York. 
Plop fall the plum, Bodega, New York, NY 
Urbanities, James Fuentes, New York, NY
One Trace After, Nurture Art, Brooklyn, NY

Turnkey of Forever After, Bed Stuy Love Affair, Brooklyn, NY
Arsenio, Shoot the Lobster, Luxembourg
Lowe's Sculpture Garden & Fishing in the Dark, Violet's Cafe, Brooklyn, NY
Day Before This Place, Tanya Leighton, Berlin, Germany
Forming the Loss in Darkness, Praz-Delavallade/ Palais de Tokyo, Nouvelle Vagues
Smiler’s Delicatessen, Time Square, New York 
None the Wiser, Hessel Museum of Art, Center for Curatorial Studies, Annandale-on-Hudson NY (catalog)

Deep Space Insides, Joe Sheftel Gallery, New York, NY 
Two Coffees, Two Brandies, Denniston Hill, Woodridge New York

Yin Yang Music, Non-Objectif Sud, Tulette, France (catalog)
Entanglement, Regina Rex and Art Blog Art Blog, New York, NY
Hakka, The Notary Public, New York, NY
St. Lawrence Ice, Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada 


Two Coffee, Two Brandies, Denniston Hill, Woodridge, NY
Artist: John Andrews, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Jacob Cohen, David Flaugher, Amy Granat, Andrew J. Greene, Yin Ho, Eli Ping, Ben Schumacher, Jo-ey Tang, G. William Webb

Trout Spots, Denniston Hill, Woodridge, NY & Denniston Hill Outpost, New York, NY
Artists: John Andrews, Colby Bird, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Shane Campbell, Sonja Engelhardt, Joe 
Graham Felsen, Amy Granat, Ethan Greenbaum, Jennie C. Jones, Jo-ey Tang, G. William Webb

Lefty’s, co-organized with Ben Schumacher, New York University The Commons Gallery
Artists: Jennie, Bringaker, Mike Caputo, Lauren Christiansen, Joe Graham-Felsen, Dominic Nurre, Ben Schumacher, Brad Troemel 

Video and Audio Screening from Fales Library Downtown Collections, co-organized with Jo-ey Tang
Artists: 3 Teens Kill 4, Andrea Callard, Jaime Davidovich, Richard Foreman, Richard Kern, Gordon Matta-Clark, John Sex, Sonic Youth, David Wojnarowciz

New York University, Steinhardt School, Master of Fine Arts, Visual Arts

2013 NYU Visiting Scholar 
2012-2013 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Workspace Residency 
2012 Denniston Hill Artist-In-Residence

2011-2012 Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Fellow


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